Alhaji Auwalu Rano is the Chairman of A. A. Rano Nigeria Limited, a man of honour and dignity, considered by many as one of the most respected individuals in Nigeria and a prominent businessman in sub-Saharan Africa.

Alhaji Auwalu Rano, what do you think is the secret behind the success of A. A. Rano Nigeria Ltd?
Auwalu Rano and Zubairu DalhatuA. A. Rano Nigeria Limited is a conglomerate company, blessed immeasurably, which has been established under a solid based foundation on buying and selling of petroleum products.
A. A. Rano is a company that started a brisk business of petroleum products from infancy, starting with jerry cans, drums, tanks, up to the point of its importation in large vessel ships.
The company also distributes the products to the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, which we have achieved almost 85-90% in this regard.

This is part of the success and achievements recorded by this company (A. A. Rano Nigeria Limited)

Can you tell us a brief about you?
My name is Auwalu Abdullahi born and brought up in Lausu village of Rano local government. I started my primary education at Lausu primary school, thereafter, I proceeded to secondary school at Rano, and from that time I commenced the struggle for various types of trading. I had done lots of business before I laid my hands on petrol and kerosene trading and other petroleum products.
In a nutshell, this was the basis of establishing A. A. Rano, which is popularly known and called A. A. Rano Nigeria Limited.

What motivated you to venture into trading activities, particularly the oil and gas business?

Well, as you traditionally know every human being who is properly brought up, must be confronted with double challenges; to cater to health, education, and skills of earning living. No discerning person will be raised without thinking about how to get educated and skills to cater to daily living; these serve as the basis leading to the various hustle and bustles of life.
Fortunately, we are blessed in these aspects of business, which prompted us to be more dedicated in this chosen endeavor and employing our youths and deploying them to our branches across the nation to earn living and safeguard their personal dignity.

Were there any challenges that you have encountered in the course of your business?

Obviously, life challenges spread everywhere; there must be success and failures. Therefore, periodically you would be luckily blessed and at times failures would threaten to dampen your spirits.
And also you must be confronted with various trials in life. In fact, we have witnessed so many extraordinary things, but presently we are indeed appreciative of Almighty Allah, we have scaled through different hurdles in the course of attaining greatness.
We are profoundly appreciative of our supreme creator – God Almighty.
Part of any successful business is to establish the short, medium and long term objectives. The achievement of success relates to the correct and realistic setting of expectations, proper timescales, attention to detail, and the mutual parameters for profitability. A common understanding can be achieved quickly through straight-talking, common purpose, and productive dialogue.

How do you manage to address those challenges?

Prayer remains the first thing doing every day, then observing dedication and perseverance and subsequently to be truthful and accountable. It is noteworthy to exercise patience with your business partners. You try being more careful in dealing with them and apply God-fearing whenever you come across each other.

Capital remains a major stumbling block to aspiring traders, do you face such problem?

I can say I was humbly lucky and blessed from the beginning of my business endeavor. I haven’t been crippled by a lack of capital even though I was once bankrupted, but since then I had never experienced such again. It is glaringly clear that every aspiring businessman may likely face the challenge of been bankrupted in one way or the other in the course of running a business.
One thing to note is to be transparent and accountable.

Any words of advice to those willing to venture into the oil and gas business?

Petrol and gas trading remains a moderate business that one can start from scratch and develop it gradually. It should not be underestimated from the beginning; it will grow with the patience. Everything remains a gradual process, even life itself. Nothing can happen suddenly.
If one is destined to become a prominent merchant someday, the doors of many opportunities will be widely opened from many angles.
The most imperative thing is you shouldn’t repeatedly defy the capacity of your capital no matter how small it is, if it is being managed properly and you become honest in your dealings with business partners, definitely the success would surely be around the corner.
For instance, so many petrol station owners don’t possess capital but resorted to coming to us to lend them five to ten trucks to sell in their petrol stations and pay back afterward. Therefore, in such an instance if an aspiring businessman would be patient and honest in their dealings they will surely attain the position of owning more petrol stations and tankers.
All this won’t be possible without being truthful and accountable.
There are many other opportunities in different fields to develop business in Nigeria. The country has an abundance of mineral wealth, other natural resources and a highly motivated workforce.
Sectors such as aviation, telecommunication, mining, energy, agriculture and IT are also part of today’s businesses that one can start with or diversify into; the Nigerian Government is actively encouraging local citizens in these areas. Those that look beyond existing perceptions, see a market with great potential for profitable business in some industry sectors, but not all sectors, the potential for growth and good rates of return on investment can be greater than expected.
Are there any events that were unforgettable in your life?
Yes, of course, there are so many unforgettable events in my life. Because if you stare at me, you see all is divinely well for me. Based upon the place, the way I was brought up without any capital, but look at where God has catapulted me. This is a lingering memory that I will never forget in my whole life. I’m profoundly grateful to Allah for what he made me, it is indeed an unforgettable memory.

What is the capacity of A. A. Rano’s workforce?

I’m indeed grateful to God, we are trying our best. There were many departments in the company which range from transportation section to petrol stations, many personnel works there who catered for their needs and that of their families.
The company has become a workforce for reducing unemployment in the country and this is indeed helping the country’s economic growth.
In terms of economic development, we are a company of high principles and ethical behavior. We believe in basic human rights, satisfy our customer needs and work hard to create opportunities for employment and economic development, both of which go hand in hand.
Engagement in the fields of business, trade, and investment serves to provide improvements in people’s lives as well as real jobs. Our activity helps generate business networking as well as provides financial support for people’s pockets.

Preferably, which country do you prefer to spend your leisure moments?

I prefer to live in Nigeria more than any country in the World. Wherever I travel outside my country is for business purpose only. I don’t stay for more than a week or a couple of weeks to return back to Nigeria. In fact, I don’t have any preferable country to live in.

What is your best food?

Well, as a Hausa man, and by tradition, gruel (Kunu) has been my favorite food.

What message do you have for fellow Nigerians?

My goodwill is, we are praying for God to make peace prosper in our domain, and endow us blissfully life couple with socio-economic development.
I pray to Almighty God to grant us the ability to overcome the numerous challenges facing the country, and also uplift our living standard as well as our religion.

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