Hajj 2019 “Fact and Figures”

Max Air 747We want to thank the almighty God for the successful completion of hajj 2019.

Max air commenced hajj 2019 on the 10th of July and ended on the 12th of September 2019 with three B747-400.

Within this period the company operated 114 flights from Nigeria and 30 flights from Niger Republic with total passengers of 39,348 in out of both countries.

We also operated a chartered flight from Guinea Bissau with 500 passengers.

In all we operated total of 146 flights in and out of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with total number of 39,848 passengers.

The entire operation went on successfully with any more hitch and this was made possible by the Chairman’s business wisdom in hiring seasoned aviation professionals from all over the world.

Raymond Omodiagbe

GM Operations/Business


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