How Much Is Too Much For Excess Baggage?

Excess BaggageResonating through that feeling one gets from a long journey, not a jetlag, that feeling of excitement and nervousness all at once, one might think that no feeling beats it until you are planning your long-awaited trip and suddenly realising the extra prices airlines charge luggage that weigh more than the allowed amount for a single passenger (excess baggage).

Now, that feeling, it is just inexplicable and bizarre because you really do not know how to feel at that point. It is usually a mixture of utter shock and disbelief. However, you will get to know as you read further into this piece and may decide what is considered too much luggage (excess)… charges or not… or maybe you would come to the conclusion that it does not really matter.

Where do extra or excess luggage/baggage charges come in?

Information for traveling is very important especially when it involves luggage and packing. Extra charges may come for a number of reasons. The size of the box or luggage comes into play but this is dependent on the carrier’s terms and conditions with regards to dimensions. If your travel luggage contains more than two bags, it could be considered too much. To solve this issue, one may need to read the carrier’s information on this to get more clarity and pack accordingly.

The amount the luggage weighs on scale usually leaves people speechless. It could be a small bag but the contents play a huge role and any extra weight will attract an extra fee. The length of the trip is also another factor. How long is the journey going to take? Will it be short or long? Depending on the carrier’s terms, extra charges could be added to luggage on such flights.

So how much is too much?

All airlines have their standard prices within and outside the country but these prices may change as air ticket prices change with different seasonal activities which may affect passenger’s flight plans since some of these changes are not mentioned on the airline websites. This may leave some passengers devastated upon finding out jaw-dropping costs a few hours before takeoff. This sort of case may mean that someone would have to rearrange their itinerary so that they do not “no show” miss their flight or have to sell their flight ticket just because they didn’t have that extra to allow for their complete luggage on the trip, which may translate to a delayed holidaying experience like a missed concert or music festival or an already set family function.

Airlines make more profit when they hit their peak period or busy seasons fall during the holidays as more people are traveling and carrying more luggage, bearing gifts for various members of the family. Everybody plans to give their loved ones something special in those special seasons and they would rather buy gifts to bring with them rather than buying at their destination: it is a Nigerian thing. The implication of this is that most times a passenger may resort to paying even more on their luggage than they did on their flight ticket.

What if it is not peak season?

Thankfully, there are other times one can fly and not have to pay an arm and a leg. These travel times usually fall when people are not flocking to go see family or make merry. Does this mean that one will not pay more for any extra luggage? No.

However, there are ways to avoid paying any extra or too much on luggages while embarking on trips. One simple way to do so is to make sure that they read luggage policies on the airline and make enquiries before the scheduled flight date.

Another way one can prevent paying too much on luggage is by making payments online in advance. The internet has made things easier, especially with regards to making purchases. It has now become much cheaper and stress free to complete all travel plans and payments online as one gets all travel information on hand in advance, instead of getting it done at the airport and risking unpalatable surprises.

Passengers can also avoid excess payment by packing smart. It is quite hilarious when we see pictures or videos of people having to wear all their clothes to avoid paying for excess luggage at the airport terminals. Packing smart means to carry only essentials. Do away with anything you think you can do without on your trip or anything you can get upon arrival at your destination.

It would be good to travel light so that when returning, there will be some space for gifts and other goodies, except you want to consider the option of shipping your luggage, which may attract extra cost, this is an option to consider as well.

Finally, adequate planning is required to have a pleasant travel experience because every payment will be taken into consideration and it would provide time to read through the carrier or airline’s terms and conditions on luggage and extra charges. However, carrying a lot of luggage may be a burden to transport at one’s destination as the new worry after getting off the plane will be paying tips to get the load to the car. One may want to reconsider what to pack.

It will also be great to keep a little extra cash handy for eventualities. You never know when you will need to make any payment for those extra shopping you did while away on your trip.


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