Cure Salee Festival Lady

Kano based award winning photographer Sani Maikatanga has recently made a name for himself in the photography community by winning three photo contest awards. With his exceptional skills, he stood out among thousands of entries and bagged the top prize in three separate competitions.

The first contest was the Night City Portrait, in which Maikatanga submitted his breathtaking nighttime portrait of Kano. The second was the Cure Salee Festival in Niger Republic, where his portrait of a young lady earned first place in the Emotional Portrait category. The third award was for Best Phone Picture, when his landscape snap from Niger Republic got him first place.

In his photo of the night city, Maikatanga captured Kano in its natural habitat at night, exhibiting its beauty in the darkest street.

For his image of the Cure Salee lady, he intended to depict the grace and dignity of these local people. He captured her emotive face in great detail, emphasizing her forehead markings and natural skin color, and he used natural light to create a beautiful, warm glow.

In his landscape photo, Maikatanga selected to photograph a landmark lake in a local village with a tree in order to create a timeless, classic image.

When asked about his experience, Maikatanga said that entering contests is a great way to get recognition and exposure. He said that he spends a lot of time studying the themes of the contests and the requirements for the entries, and always tries to bring something new and creative to the table.

Sani Maikatanga also offered some advice to aspiring photographers. He stressed the importance of learning the technical aspects of photography, such as composition and lighting, but also said that it’s essential to develop one’s own style and voice. He encouraged photographers to experiment, take risks, and follow their instincts.

Sani Mohammed Maikatanga‚Äôs wins in the three photo contests are a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft. His photos capture the beauty and diversity of the world around us, and his unique vision and style have set him apart from the competition. With these three awards under his belt, we can’t wait to see what he will create next.

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