Max Air Cabin CrewA flight attendant must meet specific physical, educational (at least a National Diploma. First degree will be an added advantage) no specific degree or diploma is required, and most important of all, be customer friendly.

Besides, you must be at least 20 years old in excellent physical health and tall enough to reach the overhead lockers. You require a valid international passport and pass a background check and drug test. You also need to be fluent in both oral and written English and to have an adaptable lifestyle.

To be a Cabin crew it is mostly about you as a person, your temperance, customer service skills, and what makes you stand out in the crowd.

It’s a very competitive job. So persevere, never give up on your dream, don’t accept rejection as the final answer, the sky is your starting point.

If you are successful at the interview, you will undergo a four-week training course (ab-initio training). It is mostly physically based and focuses on how you can perform practically and safely in the cabin environment.

During the training you will go through Safety Emergency Procedures, Aviation Medicine, Aviation Security, Dangerous Goods, Meal Service Procedure, Aircraft Type, Crew resource management,  Health and Beauty Therapy, Standards that must be met in uniform, temperance, and attitude training.

Health and Beauty Therapy, Standards that must be met in uniform, temperance, and attitude training.

This intensive training is because Max Air requires consistency across all of our Cabin Crew Member.  We want everyone to be doing and achieving the same level of performance at the same time.

After the four weeks of training, you are required to undergo a supervised line training under a qualified line trainer. You will also be required to sit for the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Licensing examination. If successful, you will be licensed by the Authority provided you pass a Class 2 medical examination to be conducted by an NCAA approved Aeromedical Examiner.

After this, you are qualified as a Cabin Crew Member and you are responsible for people’s safety.

You will be required annually to undergo a recurrent class. It is good to be reminded of the important safety measures. These are events that we hope never happens, but you have to know how to handle them in case they do happen. It is vital to be safe.

The best part of the job is working with different people all the time. Not just the Crew, but the customers as well. You get to meet with peoples from all walks of life including celebrities and VIPs.

Your job role is a bit of everything, a therapist, a nurse, a security officer, a conflict resolution expert, a motivator, and a firefighter to mention but few.

You also need to enjoy activity change daily and have traveled as a passion. You have to be adaptable as there are no two days nor flights that are identical. You need to be presentable, be proud of wearing the uniform and proudly represent the Max Air brand.

On the job, you have to be calm under pressure, and be able to handle any situation using the established Standard Operating Procedures. You have to be good with people, be compassionate, and able to see things from people’s point of view. Remember that you are part of a team that represents a brand and you have to contribute your quota for the success of the flight.

I hope to see you living your dream as a Flight attendant soon.

Salami Gani
CSM Max Air Limited.


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